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Mandya Tourism

Mandya is visited by tourists from all over the world. Some of the Important places of tourism in Mandya are :


Located 19 kms North-West of Mysore is the KRS Dam and the ornamental terraced Brindavan Gardens. The swirling Musical Fountains dancing to the rhythm of soft music and colourful Lights transform this place into a fairy land in the evenings, attracting thousands of visitors.


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               Brindavan gardens                                                        Gumbaz


Tippu's Fort at Srirangapatna holds within it  the Juma mosque and the Ranganatha Swamy Temple. Outside the fort, is the Gumbaz, the tomb of Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan. Gumbaz is a magnificent example of Indo-Islamic architecture, with an imposing dome, doors of ebony inlaid with ivory.

The Masjid-e-ala mosque built during Tipu's time(1784) was completely painted by the "Baburi" motif which was later whitewashed by the British. It has  with two tall graceful minarets and beautiful carved flowery designs on the roof and pillars. In the centre of the mosque are delicately chiseled bunches of grapes and other creepers. A stony solar clock is in the courtyard.

3.  RAGANATHITTU BIRD SANCTURY :- Four K.M.s from Srirangapatna and 18 K.M.s from Mysore is the Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary that allows a close view of birds, both exotic and familiar and of crocodiles that resemble mud banks. Birds from as far away as Siberia make this their home. River Kaveri spreads among stones and lagoons to form a group of islands full of lush green vegetation making this place an ideal haven for birds which migrate here from all over the world.

4. MELKOTE :-  36 Kms North from Mandya is Melkote, a sacred pilgrim centre, known for its Vairamudi festival in March- April. More than one lakh devotees  congregate here for this festival. Melkote used to be known for its Handlooms. The great saint Ramanujacharya walked this land a thousand years ago. The Chaluvanarayan Swamy and Yaganarasimha swamy temples of Melkote boast of a history of more than 1000 years. Melkote is also home to the Academy of Sanskrit Research

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       Bird Sancturay                                                                 Melkote


5. BRAHMESHWARA TEMPLE, KIKKERI :-  Situated about eight miles from K.R.Pet town and ten miles from Sravanabelagola, this temple is a fine specimen of Hoysala architecture. It was constructed in A.D.1171, during the rule of the Hoysala King Narasimha I, by a lady named Bammare Nayakiti. This ornate structure has some special features. The sides of the temple are convex viewed from outside and bulge out so that the interior dimensions are widened beyond the base. The deep indentation of the horizontal courses in the basement and the knife-edge to which the cornices have been brought are also interesting points. It is a single celled temple and has an impressive and lofty stone tower. There is a well executed image of Vishnu, about four feet high, in one of the niches of the navaranga The madanike figures carved on the capitals of the pillars of the navaranga are of extra-ordinary workmanship and are life like….

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6. SATHYAGRAHA SOUDHA, SIVAPURA:-  A monument to mark the freedom struggle at Maddur in particular and Mandya district in general, this is an architecturally unique building located on Bangalore Mysore Highway, 80 K.M. away from Bangalore and 25 K.M.s from Mandya.